Service HealthSCAN
HealthSCAN Genome Disease Prediction Test

HealthSCAN is a genome test to predict diseases by estimating individual disease manifestation rate through genome analysis.

Individual genome mutations are detected by means of next-generation sequencing analysis technology (Next Generation Sequencing - NGS) and DNA chip SNP array), and 4,060 mutations of 329 genomes known to be related to physical characteristics are selected and analyzed via a pipeline and algorithm that are specialized for Koreans. After interpreting individuals’ mutation information based on the company information database, disease manifestation rate and customized healthcare guidelines are provided. HealthSCAN is currently provided through hospitals to enable optimal preparation through testing for diseases that may manifest in the future.
Service execution process
  • 01 Visit hospital and fill in informed consent
  • 02 Specimen collection
  • 03 Visit hospital and acquire results report
Finding hospitals
offering HealthSCAN

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HealthSCAN with your hospital or Geninus

Sample analysis process
  • 01 Specimen collection
  • 02 DNA extraction
  • 03 Library Prep
  • 04 Sequencing
  • 05 Data analysis
  • 06 Results report
  • 01

    Content selected through
    consultation by and feedback
    from clinical professors

  • 02

    Interpretation via diverse
    content and AI algorithm

  • 03

    Guidelines reflecting genetic
    characteristics of Koreans and
    Korean medical environment

  • Verification of prediction model
    for chronic disease risk levels
  • Genome-based
    weight loss results
Service Types
Service Cancer type Number of genes
1 Hereditary cancer test Testing possibility of potential manifestation of hereditary cancer that accounts for 5-10% of all cancers 18 types of cancers for males and 19 types of cancers for females
2 Hereditary cardiac disease test Testing possibility of potential manifestation of hereditary cardiac diseases 14 types of cardiac diseases
3 Drug reactivity test Testing reactivity of drugs that are prescribed extensively in Korea Reactivity to 38 types of drugs
4 Chronic disease risk level prediction test Testing possibility of potential manifestation of cancer and chronic diseases Cancer- 12 and 13 types for males and females, respectively Chronic diseases – 10 common types
5 Weight management test customized to individuals Testing dietary and exercise methods, etc. customized to individuals 52 types
6 Ophthalmic disease test Testing possibility of potential manifestation of hereditary retinal diseases 2 types
Patents and Publications / Certifications
  • Patents More than 2
  • Publications More than 1