Service Celinus
Celinus Single-Cell Analysis Service

Celinus determines the optimal experimental standards and data generation appropriate for the specimen characteristics using an in-house platform for the entire range of single-cell analysis processes, and provides full single-cell analysis services that include appropriate cell count detection, experimental procedures, and sequencing. Single-cell analysis can produce more precise results since it is capable of analyzing genomes, transcriptomes, and proteomes in cell units, and can be utilized not only in the area of research services but also in new drug development such as development of biomarkers and anticancer agents.

Service order process
  • 01 Selection of analysis service and consultation
  • 02 Sample preparation
  • 03 Sample delivery
Sample analysis process
  • 01

    Establishment of customized protocol
    and generation of stable data through
    extensive cancer sample experiment experience

  • 02

    Analysis pipeline to which the latest
    single-cell research technique has been applied

  • 03

    First in Korea to acquire Spatial Gene
    Expression CSP certification of 10x Genomics

Service Types
Categories Services and areas
Single-cell RNA
Single Cell Gene Expression
Single Nuclei Gene Expression
Single Cell Immune Profiling
Single Cell Multiome(Gene Expression + ATAC-Seq)
Spatial Gene Expression (Visium)
Categories Services and areas
Applications Cancer research
Circulating tumor cell research
Infectious disease, microbial research
Neuroscience or stem cell research
Embryo genetic research
Patents and Publications / Certifications
Publications More than 50