Service CancerSCAN
Guide to CancerSCAN Targeted Anticancer Therapy

CancerSCAN is a cancer genome diagnosis solution for anticancer therapy that is customized to individuals, developed for the first time in Korea as a product of joint research with the clinicians at the Samsung Genome Research Center. It is based on NGS technology that accurately detects the diverse types of patient specimen mutations accurately and predicts patient prognosis through a database by selecting an optimal targeted anticancer agent and immuno-oncology most appropriate for the patient via a panel developed on the basis of several years of clinical experience.

In addition, our company has developed OncoSTATION which encompasses the entire range of processes from automated experimentation and analysis data quality management system (laboratory information management system - LIMS) to data processing, QC, mutation detection, annotation and report generation, and providing related services in association with CancerSCAN In order to supplement the environmental difficulties in NGS clinical examinations in Korea (specialized personnel and equipment, etc.).
Service order process
  • 01 Selection of analysis service and consultation
  • 02 Sample preparation
  • 03 Sample delivery
Sample analysis process
  • 01 Tissue sample collection
  • 02 DNA extraction
  • 03 Library prep
  • 04 Sequencing
  • 05 Data analysis
  • 06 Results report
  • 01

    Provision of all-in-one service that includes
    library prep kit, panel, data analysis and management software

  • 02

    Panel customizing as
    per customer needs

  • 03

    Provision of accurate results
    appropriate for needs through many years
    of extensive clinical sample analysis experience

Analytic Performance Evaluation Results

Analytic evaluation was conducted through the analysis of the combination of more than 40 types of cancer cell lines known to have diverse types of mutations.

Used Cell line Pooled set n Sensitivity Ratio C.I. n PPV Ratio C.I.
SNV 20 2 706/708 99.72 (98.98,99.97) 716/716 100 (99.49,100)
InDel 23 28 219/220 99.55 (97.49,99.99) 405/419 96.66 (97.49,99.99)
CNV 4paired 24 15/16 93.75 (69.77,99.84) 29/34 85.29 (68.94,95.05)
Service Types
Service Cancer type Number of genes
1 CancerSCAN Compact Pan-cancer 75
2 CancerSCAN IO + Pan-cancer 407
3 Lymphoma SCAN Lymphoma 406
4 BTSCAN Brain tumor 232
5 PedSCAN Pediatric cancer 355
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